Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate-25%Print Info Sheet For Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate-25%

CAS# 3039-83-6

Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate-25% Sales Specifications

SVS (Active matter) content % wt.:  25-26

Color (APHA):  450 Max.

pH at 25 Deg. C:   8.5-10

Inhibitor Content % wt.:  0.009-0.0130

Solids % wt.:  35.0 Max.

Chlorides, Total (ppm):  200 Max.

Methanol Insolubles % wt.:  3.0 Max.

Appearance:  Yellow liquid

Packing:  529 lbs. net drums, 2,425 lb. net Tote Tanks, ISO Tanks

Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate-25% Synonyms:

Vinyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt, Ethylene sulfonic acid, Sodium Ethylene Sulfonate, SVS, Vinyl sulphonic acid, sodium salt, Ethylene sulphonic acid, Sodium Ethylene Sulphonate, Sodium Vinyl Sulphonate

Product ID: SVS25-529

Physical Properties

Molecular Formula: CH2= CH2-SO3Na

Molecular Weight: 130.1


Physical state: Liquid

Color: Brownish-yellow

Odor: Not available

Odor threshold: Not available

pH: Not available

Melting point/freezing point: Not available

Initial boiling point and boiling range: Not available

Flash point: Not available

Evaporation rate: Not available

Chemical Description

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