About Kessler Chemical


Kessler Chemical, Inc.® was founded in 1973. Two important elements were focused upon as critical to the success of our new business: a commitment to exceptional customer service, and an attention to market needs to determine how we could best serve the chemical and allied industries.

With these as the cornerstone of the company's philosophy, we knew if we were to succeed in this highly-competitive industry, we had to work to become a value-added supplier. By the early 1980’s, Kessler Chemical had become a leading supplier of such products as drummed Phenol and Aniline. During this period we established relationships with US producers that remain today.

chemical drumIn the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Kessler Chemical expanded to a global focus. We established relationships in China and India to support our customers with chemicals produced outside the US. Imported products such as Anisole, Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate, Acetyl Acetone (2,4-Pentanedione) and Alkylated Anilines and Amines were added to our offerings for prompt shipment from stock.

chemical pump for industrial customers

To further our customer focus, we established a Quality Management System under ISO 9001 and were certified in 2004. Around 2010, as global economic fundamentals improved for the US, we began exporting products from US stock into North and South America.

Our high-quality products are readily available to ship from stock in the US in most cases. For other products, we have decades long supply relationships in China and India, which allow us to promptly get you the information you need, so you can order with confidence. We serve diverse markets including polymers and resins, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronics, aerospace, agricultural, paint & coatings and adhesives.

Kessler Chemical is not just a distributor of chemicals. We emphasize the "custom" in customer service. We take the time to learn your technical guidelines, packaging, and delivery requirements. We want to make sure it's done right, from the start.


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