Why Kessler Chemical Should Be Your Phenol Supplier

Button to navigate to phenol supplier pageWhen I meet people, whether it be at a customer site, trade show, or in the neighborhood, the conversation often comes around to the question, “so what do you do?”  This question has compelled me to ask myself, for example, “why would someone use Kessler Chemical as their Phenol supplier in the USA?”

As a Chemical Supplier, Service is Our #1 ProductService is #1 as a supplier to the chemical manufacturing industry

Asking myself this question has caused me to give it serious consideration.  After all, there are many companies that sell chemicals in the USA and other parts of North America.  I thought about what it is and has been that has allowed us to be a successful business since 1973.  We certainly have the highest quality, so I decided to observe how our company operates with respect to serving our customers.  What I noticed was that we put a great amount of attention on satisfying the customer’s needs.  This was evident in my observations not only in our desire and ability to do what the customer asked for, but also in our thoughtful approach to doing what the customer needs, but does not ask for.  From that moment I began to answer the question about what we do with, “we are a chemical distributor, but our #1 product is service.”  I won’t ask you to take my word for it.  Our customers tell us.

What Customers Say About Our Chemical Distribution Service

We are so serious about serving our customers well that we survey them on an annual basis as part of our quality management system.  We feel this is where the true measurement of success is found.  It is not enough to say you serve the customer’s needs.  Even the best intentions can fall short of expectations.  This is why we take this aspect very serious and consider it part of the quality of our products.  The following statements are from our recently completed survey.  For the sake of brevity, I have only included a few responses about us as a Carbolic Acid (Phenol) supplier.

“We are pleased with Kessler’s service and quality.” —Raw Material Manager for specialty resin manufacturer

“Kessler is a pleasure to work with in all aspects!!” — Purchasing Manager for international chemical supplier

[How can we better meet your needs?]  “You always do!  Wonderful company to work with!  — Supply Chain Manager for agricultural product manufacturer

“Everything is already excellent, no need for changing” —Purchasing Agent for performance resin producer

“It is always a pleasure working with your company.” —Purchasing Manager for specialty chemical supplier

We are humbled by these comments.  It indicates to us that we are not only saying that service is our #1 product, but that our commitment to it has made it a reality for our company.  We would like to thank our current customers for this feedback and we will continue to make your satisfaction with us as your phenol supplier a top priority.  We encourage others to contact us and let us provide you with the same quality, support and service you expect and should be receiving in a chemical supplier.

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