Chemicals Used In Pharmaceutical & Personal Care

The following chemicals are used in pharmaceutical industries. 


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As a supplier and distributor of raw materials for the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries, Kessler Chemical is proud to work with leading manufacturers of chemicals that are further used in the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries. We do this out of a desire and commitment to bring you the quality chemical raw materials you depend on for your down-stream products. 

Kessler Chemical works closely with manufacturers of chemicals used in Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries intermediates on the technical aspects of supply to ensure we provide raw materials and chemical ingredients to the quality standards that manufactures of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care products require. These quality raw materials from Kessler Chemical allow manufacturers to produce and offer the high-quality products needed for today’s marketplace.

Kessler Chemical’s attention to detail, exceptional customer service, long-standing supply relationships and chemical industry knowledge make us your best supplier choice for raw materials in the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries.