m-ChlorobenzaldehydePrint Info Sheet For m-Chlorobenzaldehyde

CAS# 587-04-02

m-Chlorobenzaldehyde Sales Specifications

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Purity by GC: 99% min

Water Content by K.F.: 0.3% max

Packing: 250 kg net HDPE Lined M.S. drum

m-Chlorobenzaldehyde Synonyms:

Meta Chloro Benzaldehyde

Product ID: MCB99-220

Physical Properties

Molecular Formula: C7H5OCl

Molecular Weight: 140.5

Melting Point: 17-18°C

Boiling Point at 760 mm Hg: 213-214°C

Specific Gravity at 30°C: 1.241-1.243

Grade: Technical

Chemical Description

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