4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl SulfonePrint Info Sheet For 4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulfone

CAS# 80-07-9

4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulfone Sales Specifications:

Appearance: Yellow to brown solid

Assay by HPLC: 99.2%

Melting Point: 148.3oC

Other Isomers: Less than 0.8%

Packing: 50 Kg HDPE bags

4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulfone Synonyms:

Bis (4-chlorophenyl) Sulfone

Product ID: DCDS-50

Physical Properties

Molecular Formula: C12H8O2SCI2

Molecular Weight: 287.15

Chemical Description

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